2023 Guide: Complete List of Software Engineering Bootcamps

Online Bootcamps

Learn more about software engineering in a popular online bootcamp. Receive hands-on training in analyzing, designing and modifying software applications to pursue a software engineering career.

What Is a Software Engineering Bootcamp?

Software engineering bootcamps are designed to quickly prepare you for a career in software engineering. They can include training in everything from basic computer programming to advanced design documentation. Many also offer job placement assistance to help you prepare applications for software engineering positions.

Most bootcamps are online short courses that target a specific set of skills. Instead of a broad range of computer science courses, you’ll focus on specific engineering and development courses related to your desired career path.

You won’t receive a degree after completing a bootcamp, but you will have demonstrable skills in software engineering and development. Show off these skills on application tests or in real-world problems to take the next step in your career.

How Long Are Software Engineering Bootcamps?

Most students complete a software engineering bootcamp in around 14 to 18 weeks. The exact length depends on the scope of the bootcamp and your time commitment.

For example, some offer part-time options that can take two years or more to complete. A shorter, more specific bootcamp may be completed in just eight weeks as a full-time student.

How to Pay for a Software Engineering Bootcamp?

An online bootcamp for software engineering could cost as much as $30,000. More affordable bootcamps cost $1,000 or less, with average prices around $13,500.

Look for financing options and discounts to help make your bootcamp more affordable. If you’re already employed in a related career, ask your employer about any tuition reimbursement opportunities to further your education. You may also qualify for scholarships or grants as you pursue this in-demand career.

Is a Software Engineering Bootcamp Worth It?

Bootcamps are fast-track opportunities to help you advance in your career. Many are designed to quickly give you the necessary skills to start a career in software engineering. In most cases, these courses are far quicker, more convenient, and more affordable than traditional degree programs.

If you’re not working as a software engineer, then a bootcamp is a great way to strengthen your application. Software developers earned a median pay of about $110,100 in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS. BLS also estimates the number of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers will grow by 22% between 2020 and 2030.

You can enhance your existing knowledge and improve your career advancement opportunities if you’re already working as a software engineer. A bootcamp can be a competitive alternative to pursuing a master’s degree and can be a great experience to add to your resume as you look for new jobs or request a raise.

Is a Software Engineering Bootcamp Right for Me?

A software engineering bootcamp can be a rewarding experience if you’re passionate about developing software and working with computer technologies. If you wish to gain or strengthen these skills, then a bootcamp may be the right opportunity for you:

  • Programming languages
  • Software design management
  • Big-picture approach to problems
  • Teamwork
  • Independent work environment
  • Strong communication skills

Software engineers work independently or as part of a team to help improve existing or new software. After completing a bootcamp, you’ll have an improved application to become a software engineer or developer to work through specific programming problems or manage teams and engineer big-picture solutions.

Applying to Software Engineering Bootcamps

Start your application today to see what it takes to enroll in a software engineering bootcamp. Some bootcamps are designed for existing engineers to improve their skills and stay up to date in this fast-paced industry. Other bootcamps are more suited for first-time students in the field.

Look for a bootcamp with rolling admission or currently accepting applications to start your course quickly. Many highly rated courses offer rolling admission, but some follow a more traditional semester approach for accepting students.

You’ll need to complete an application, which may include an essay, before becoming accepted. Software engineering bootcamps typically don’t require an application fee, so feel free to apply to several as you explore your educational options.

Software Engineering Bootcamps vs. Traditional Degree

Both bootcamps and degree programs offer competitive options for expanding your career possibilities and continuing your software engineering education. Here are some key ways in which they differ:

  • Length of study
  • Cost of program
  • Range of skills and topics
  • Location of study

A bootcamp is typically much more fast paced and affordable than a traditional degree program. Even an associate’s degree takes up to two years to complete, instead of just a few months.

Degree programs include general education courses. Many software engineering programs also include basic programming and computer science courses, instead of focusing exclusively on the skills you need to work as a software engineer. Degree programs are also much more likely to be offered only in person, compared to most bootcamps being offered online.


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