2023 Guide: Complete List of Machine Learning Bootcamps

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Work at the forefront of automation and computer programming as a machine learning engineer or related career. Machine learning bootcamps help you explore this fascinating career path and practice key skills to work in this industry.

What Is a Machine Learning Bootcamp?

A bootcamp is an online course that offers career-focused learning and training. It helps you receive a specialized set of skills and knowledge to improve your existing skills or prepare for a new career.

Machine learning bootcamps focus specifically on using data to improve computer systems. As a brand of artificial intelligence, or AI, machine learning addresses programming for self-driving cars, popular apps, social media and more.

Courses in machine learning build on a foundation of mathematics, computer science and engineering. You may learn about computer vision, big data systems, pattern recognition and decision-making strategies for machines.

One of the most common careers in machine learning is a machine learning engineer. You may also enroll in a machine learning bootcamp to pursue a career as a data scientist, software engineer, computational linguist, or another related career.

How Long Are Machine Learning Bootcamps?

Unlike traditional degree programs, the length of study in a bootcamp can vary considerably. Some are as short as eight weeks long, while others can take two years to complete. The average length of study for a full-time student in a machine learning bootcamp is between 14 and 18 weeks.

How to Pay for a Machine Learning Bootcamp?

Professional learning opportunities aren’t free, so you’ll need to consider your financial situation as you explore machine learning bootcamps. Most cost around $13,500, but you can enroll for less than $1,000 or over $30,000, depending on the course. Ask about financing and scholarship opportunities for a more affordable learning experience.

Is a Machine Learning Bootcamp Worth It?

A machine learning bootcamp is an excellent opportunity for a fast-paced, career-oriented learning environment to grow your professional skills. Tackle hands-on projects and watch dynamic lectures to expand your knowledge or take the first steps in this field.

The machine learning industry is expected to grow quickly in the coming years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, doesn’t have specific information regarding machine learning engineers but has tracked computer and information research scientists throughout the years. The number of jobs in these areas is expected to grow by 22 percent from 2020 to 2030, according to the BLS. The median pay in 2020 was approximately $126,800.

Is a Machine Learning Bootcamp Right for Me?

If you’re passionate about improving processes and using your technical skills to make a difference in the world, then machine learning may be the right career choice for you. Machine learning bootcamps are competitive course options that focus on the specific technical skills you need. Some are designed for first-time students in the field, while others are best suited for engineers looking to further their education.

A machine learning bootcamp may be right for you if you have the following skills:

  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Clear communication
  • Willingness to work as part of a team
  • Strong, independent work ethic

As a student of a machine learning bootcamp, you’re likely to learn more about these areas:

  • Data science
  • Computer programming
  • AI
  • Software engineering
  • Deep learning
  • Automation
  • Math and statistics

Applying to Machine Learning Bootcamps

Search for a highly rated machine learning bootcamp to find out what you need to apply. Most offer a quick application process with no application fee. Some ask for a short essay or description of your experience in machine learning. These questions may be reserved for bootcamps designed for experienced engineers and programmers.

Because bootcamps typically don’t require an application fee, it’s best to apply to a few to learn more about them and see which ones you’re accepted to. Some bootcamps only accept applications during short windows of time, while others accept students on a rolling basis.

Machine Learning Bootcamps vs. Traditional Degree

A machine learning bootcamp is a short-term, highly focused alternative to a traditional degree. Unlike a bachelor’s or master’s degree in machine learning, you may not receive the same breadth of study or be required to take general education courses.

Most bootcamps are more affordable than degree programs. If you’re simply looking to refresh your knowledge or apply to a position that doesn’t require a degree, then a bootcamp is a competitive option.

Expect a degree program to take between two and four years to complete as a full-time student. This makes it a far more time-consuming option than a bootcamp, which can typically be completed in just a few months.


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